The plan for a year starts in the spring. How should one maintain their health in the early spring? Continuous eating during the New Year period puts a significant burden on the liver and stomach. Therefore, after the Spring Festival, "protecting the liver and nourishing the stomach" is particularly important! Traditional Chinese medicine states that the "Liver Meridian is in Command" in spring. At the beginning of spring, why not start from all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transportation, and quickly nourish the body and mind, and cleanse the liver!

The fundamental principle of health maintenance in early spring is to promote the rise of Yang energy. However, as the weather is still transitioning from cold to warm, one should not rashly reduce clothing. There are many considerations in terms of clothing, food, housing, and transportation:

Clothing: In early spring, the Yang energy can only be referred to as "Lesser Yang". To protect this minimal Yang energy, keeping warm is the priority, which is also known as "Bundling up in Spring".

→ In early spring, avoid reducing clothing rashly.

Sleep: The period from 11 PM to 3 AM, which corresponds to the hours of Zi and Chou in Chinese timekeeping, is the best time for liver cell repair. During this time, the liver operates at high efficiency. Once the liver is well-restored, it naturally promotes the rise of Yang energy.

→ Try to avoid staying up late and aim to be asleep before 11 PM.

Exercise: Movement can raise Yang energy. Engaging in appropriate outdoor activities such as jogging or walking every morning can effectively promote the rise of Yang energy.

→ Be mindful to avoid excessive sweating. Moderate exercise is beneficial for both the body and mind.

Four Health-Boosting Teas Recommended for Early Spring

In terms of dietary habits, two main principles should be followed: dispersing through pungency and warming supplementation. The "pungent" principle can promote the rise of Yang energy, and foods like coriander and leeks are excellent seasonal vegetables for spring. "Warming supplementation" involves consuming more sweet-tasting foods, such as dates and Chinese yam.

Mei Zhiling, a Traditional Chinese Medicine health-cultivation expert from the National Medical Hall of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, once appeared in the "Share the Great Doctor" live broadcast room. He popularized health maintenance for the beginning of spring and recommended several substitute tea beverages suitable for nourishing the stomach and protecting the liver in spring.

Tangerine Peel Water

Ingredients: Tangerine Peel

Method: Soak in water or boil in water to drink

Tangerine peel can transform phlegm and has the effect of promoting the transformation and transportation of the spleen and stomach. It is suitable for people with poor spleen and stomach transformation and transportation.

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Mulberry Leaf Tea

Ingredients: Mulberry Leaves

Method: Soak in water or boil in water to drink

This is suitable for individuals who show prominent symptoms of liver heat.

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Reishi Kuding Tea

Ingredients: Reishi Mushroom Slices, Kuding Tea (Leaf of Broadleaf Holly)

Method: Decoct and consume

This tea helps to dispel wind, clear heat, brighten the eyes and stimulate the production of body fluids.

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Scallion Stalk Water

Ingredients: Scallion stalks with roots cut into three sections, can also add fresh ginger and red dates

Method: Boil together and consume, it has the effect of promoting Yang energy

Suitable for individuals with insufficient Yang energy, who tend to sneeze and have a runny nose in the clear mornings.

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For liver protection in spring, it’s worth considering regular consumption of Reishi mushroom.

Reishi mushroom has a sweet taste and enters the Spleen Meridian, where it can transform and transport the essence of grains. Reishi also enters the Liver Meridian, where it can help eliminate toxins. When Reishi enters the Heart Meridian, it can help tranquilize the mind and fill the body with vitality. The "neutral" nature of Reishi allows it to enhance the therapeutic effects when used in combination with any other medicinal or food ingredient.

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The plan for a year starts in the spring. In early spring, a season suitable for liver nourishment, understanding the balance of diet and emotional regulation, coupled with the use of Reishi mushroom, can protect the liver and lay a good foundation for health.

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