We aim to spread health culture of organic Ganoderma.It is believed that nature nourishes all things grown on earth.the advancement of science and technology will make it easier for us to absorb all the energy that nature has given.The traditional health foods have more value for their inheritance, and we have to go further to find out.

Therefore, we insist on the use of organic ganoderma lucidum to promote the health. we invest in the development of innovative technology, so that people can get the full range of Ganoderma lucidum more cost-effectively. It is our responsibility to spread the Ganoderma lucidum health culture to all walks of life.


We aim to create a sustainable business platform and improve the quality of life of consumers through quality products.In a way that is closer to the pulse of society, we will conform to the transformation of society and management fashion, constantly innovate training and reward methods, and promote employee morale and ambition. We are constantly innovating technology and launching products that meet consumer expectations and even exceed their xpectations.


We believe that a healthy body is a prerequisite for pursuing and fulfilling the dream of life. With the health products cultivated organically, developed with high-tech and constantly innovated by GANOHERB Technology, you will keep strong in the current highly polluted environment.

We believe that only by persisting in not giving up can we keep a foothold in society. GANOHERB Technology provides a sustainable business platform and validates successful business models. As long as it persists, it will be able to create a great business. GANOHERB aims to build a harmonious society and higher pursuits.

Charity begins at home,but should not end there. Our team not only supports each other learns from each other, establishes a harmonious corporate atmosphere, but also reaches adulthood, serves the society, shares the fruits of success, and jointly creates the world of universal harmony, and marches towards wonderful life together.

Values: integrity, innovation, persistence, sharing

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