Spore Cell-Wall Breaking Workshop
Introducing internationally advanced cell-wall broken machine, and using advanced low-temperature physics cell-wall broken technology,  the spore cell-wall broken rate is up to 99%.

QS Workshop
Currently we have QingGan tea, substitute tea and solid beverage production lines,  All of them pass the QS production license

TCM Decoction Workshop
GanoHerb decoction workshop contains general decoction plant and direct oral decoction plant. With the ability to produce more than 100 kinds of Chinese Herbal products, including Ganoderma Lucidum and Coix Seed . In February 2013 the company obtained "drug production license", In August 2013, obtained  drugs GMP certification. Which marking GanoHerb entered the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises formally.

Extraction plant

Extraction plant designed in accordance with the newly revised drug GMP standard, the whole workshop using pipeline transportation, which making the production site more clean, and to maximize avoid cross-contamination during the operation. Annual processing herbs could reach 1,000 tons. There are 3 ways of extraction: water extraction, alcohol extraction and steam distillation. Using single effect, double effect, and ball-type vacuum concentrated, compared with traditional concentrated, it is more energy efficient. It can protect the active ingredients at the greatest extent with the advantage of concentrated time and low temperature. Adopt pray drying or microwave vacuum drying method. Spray drying method in which the drying time is shorter, products are uniform fine, with good mobility and high solubility. While microwave vacuum drying method with low drying temperature , high efficiency ,which can  reduce the damage of the active ingredient, and improve the quality of heat-sensitive products.

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