Private label Green Tea with Reishi Teabag Box Package Enhance Immune System

GANOHERB USDA Organic Reishi Mushroom Green Tea Bags - Instant Herbal Tea with Ganoderma Lucidum -Boost Immune System& Stress Relief& Full Energy-Vegan,Paleo,Gluten Free,No Sugar,0.07 Ounce (20 count)

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• Pristine Origin – The green tea-leaves used in this product is originated from Fujian, China, one of the largest tea growing origins in the world. It has more than 1000 years of tea planting history due to its ideal altitude, moisture, soil, and temperature for the plantation of high-quality and pollution-free tea trees.

• Added with Reishi Mushroom – This product is added with the extract of organic Reishi Mushroom, a traditional Chinese medicine that is also known as “the magic herb”. It contains the beneficial essence from both green tea and Reishi Mushroom, which adds more nutritional value to the product compared to the rest on the market.

• 100% USDA certified organic – Both the Reishi Mushroom and the green tea were 100% organically planted. We make sure very single step throughout the plantation and production phases strictly follows the USDA organic standards, not any pesticide, herbicide, or chemical fertilizer was used at all, delivering the highest quality and nutritional ingredients to our customers.

• Delicious and healthy – This organic Reishi Mushroom green tea tastes just like a good green tea, with added Reishi Mushroom essence, no taste of mushroom at all. It has a unique medium bodied aroma and a astringent taste. It is a perfect way to boost your morning with a touch of freshness and tastiness. It is also great for pairing with desserts such as cookies and cakes. You can add milk and sugar depending on your own preference.

• Health benefits – Green tea is a great source of antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins, which help prevent cell damage from free radicals. Also, the polysaccharides and triterpenoids in Reishi Mushroom have been scientifically proven to be effective in enhancing the immune system, improving sleep quality, increasing microcirculation, and assisting cancer treatment.


GANOHERB is famous in the Reishi Mushroom industry, during the past over 30 years, we are engaging in the research, cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of organic Reishi Mushroom, we have already became a veritable “Ganoderma whole industry chain” enterprise, and our products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions in the world.

reishi green tea

Reishi Green Tea
100% Organic Green Tea
Organic green tea is a kind of natural tea, no chemical fertilizer is applied at all, it's more fragrant and sweeter than ordinary tea leaves, and the color of it is clearer and greener.
100% organic Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Body Fine Slices
Organic Reishi mushroom does not add any food additives, absolutely ecological, natural and safe without pollution, which is organic food with great efficacy and high health value.


  • Take 1 tea bag is cup.
  • Pour 200ml boiling water.
  • Brew for 5-10 minutes before drinking.
  • Repeated brewing available.
  • Best used in the morning or early afternoon.

Help reducing weight and digesting

Reduce blood lipids and pressure

Reduce blood lipids and pressure

Refreshing, relieve stress

Refreshing, relieve stress, etc. 


1. GanoHerb Reishi mushrooms are cultivated organically in Chinese Ganoderma origin - Mt. Wuyi. The plantation covers an area of about 577 acres and we only grow one Reishi on one log. The plantation after being cultivated for two years will lie fallow for three years.

Hand of male holding soil in the hands for planting.

2. Before planting Reishi mushrooms, we will sample and test the soil, water, air, and culture medium. It is necessary to ensure that no crops have been planted on this land and the soil needs to be free of heavy metals, the water and air also needs to be clear and fresh.


3. Then we start the production of Reishi mushroom stock culture and spawn, use the natural log for Reishi spawn cultivation, and build the shed. The Reishi mushroom here is nurtured with appropriate sunlight, fresh air, and mountain spring water.

reishi mushroom

4. Reishi mushrooms normally experience three stages of growth including sprouting, pileus expanding, and ripening. We always get rid of weeds by hand. Finally, we carry out spore powder collection and fruiting body drying to make products.

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