On December 22, the 13th Academic Seminar of the Tonic Medicine Pharmacology Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society was successfully held in Pucheng. The conference was hosted by the Tonic Medicine Pharmacology Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, and co-hosted by the Fujian Pharmacological Society and Fujian Xianzhilou Biotech Group (also known as GanoHerb Group). Over a hundred renowned experts and scholars from the national traditional Chinese medicine community gathered to discuss the industry upgrade and high-quality development of tonic medicines, represented by Ganoderma and Ginseng.


The seminar focused on topics such as the research on tonic medicine in relation to anti-aging, cancer prevention, and metabolic diseases, as well as the study of authentic tonic Chinese medicine in Fujian. The aim is to promote the open development of the tonic medicine industry, enhance domestic communication and cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, push for the standardization and internationalization of Chinese medicinal materials, and help the Fujian traditional Chinese medicine industry to go global.

Leading the way in advancing the modernization and internationalization of Tonic Medicine.

“Pucheng, one of the origins for cultivating Duanwood Reishi in a manner that simulates its wild growth in the South China region, is a genuine production area for the nine Chinese medicinal materials such as Ganoderma and Coix Seed, among others in Fujian.” Shen Xiaowen, the Secretary of the Pucheng County Committee of the Communist Party of China, introduced the local Ganoderma, Coix Seed, and other characteristic traditional Chinese medicine industries at the meeting. He stated that they will focus on leveraging leading enterprises like GanoHerb to explore the integrated development model of the tonic medicine industry represented by Ganoderma, aiming to create a more locally characteristic and competitive full-industry chain system for traditional Chinese medicine.


Shen Xiaowen, Secretary of the Pucheng County Committee of the Communist Party of China, delivered a speech.

Today, as public health awareness awakens, “Tonic Medicine” has become a hot topic of discussion. Xu Jianhua, the Chairman of the Fujian Pharmacological Society, stated at the meeting, “Strengthening the pharmacological research of tonic medicine to guide the development and rational application of tonic medicines and health products is an important foundation for promoting the healthy development of China’s tonic medicine industry.” He also expressed that the convening of this conference will greatly promote the research and product development of tonic medicine in Fujian Province.


Xu Jianhua, the Chairman of the Fujian Pharmacological Society, delivered a speech.

Chen Naihong, the Chairman of the Tonic Medicine Pharmacology Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, stated at the meeting that tonic medicines are the gems in the treasure trove of traditional Chinese medicine. How to tap into the potential of these essential medicines is a major issue we face today. Fujian Province is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese medical culture. He expressed his hope that through this conference, we can promote the modernization and internationalization of tonic medicine, making new and greater contributions to the cause of human health.


Chen Naihong, the Chairman of the Tonic Medicine Pharmacology Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, delivered a speech.

In his speech, Chairman Li Ye of GanoHerb Group, the organizer, introduced that Reishi has been regarded as a top-grade medicine since ancient times and is a magical herb that protects the health of the people. Over the years, GanoHerb Group has been committed to benefiting human health with high-quality and efficient health products and services. In the future, they will continue to use technological innovation as the entry point and breakthrough for revitalizing the Reishi industry, accelerate the inheritance and innovation of Reishi culture, promote academic exchanges and cooperation in the Reishi industry, and contribute to the faster global reach of China’s Reishi.


Chairman Li Ye of GanoHerb Group delivered a speech.

Chairman Zhang Yongxiang of the Chinese Pharmacological Society stated in his speech that tonic medicine, as an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine, is particularly important in the context of global aging. This conference has gathered many well-known experts and industry elites and set up rich topics. It is hoped that through this conference, new vitality will be injected into the development of tonic medicine.


Chairman Zhang Yongxiang of the Chinese Pharmacological Society delivered a speech.

How can Tonic Medicine contribute to a healthy and beautiful life: Expert advice and suggestions in the field.

During the keynote report, Professor Lin Zhibin from Peking University Health Science Center, who has been studying Reishi for more than 50 years, stated that the exploration of the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine, especially tonic medicine, is best exemplified by Reishi. Pharmacological research has confirmed that Reishi and its active ingredients improve immune function disorders; resist oxidative stress damage; protect important organs and tissues such as the heart, brain, liver, kidney, and skin; regulate aging-related genes, and delay the aging process. The modern research on the anti-aging effects of Reishi interprets the statement in “Shennong’s Herbal Classic” about the six types of Reishi mushrooms: “Long-term consumption makes the body light and not old, and prolongs life.”


Professor Lin Zhibin, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, delivered a keynote speech.

Researcher Du Guanhua from the Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, introduced the relationship between traditional medicine, tonic medicine, and food in his keynote report. He stated that the regulation of sub-health requires the synergistic effect of food and medicine, aiming to achieve the dual effects of “preventing external pathogens from invading” and “internal prevention of internal function degeneration”. This includes medicinal and edible substances such as Codonopsis and Ganoderma, and the extended traditional Chinese medicine compound prescriptions would be a good solution.


Researcher Du Guanhua from the Institute of Medicinal Research, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, delivered a keynote report.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) compound prescriptions are the primary form and means of TCM treatment based on syndrome differentiation, and disease prevention and treatment. Zhang Yongxiang, the chairman of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, detailed the development history of pharmacological research on TCM in his keynote report. He introduced the significant achievements of modern research on TCM compound prescriptions over the past 30 years, including the development approach of TCM compound new drugs proposed from compatibility of decoction pieces to compatibility of components. He also stated that the continuous application of multidisciplinary new technologies will strongly promote the research and development of new drugs from TCM compound prescriptions.


Chairman Zhang Yongxiang of the Chinese Pharmacological Society delivered a keynote report.

Healthy sleep is one of the four pillars of health. Professor Huang Zhili from Fudan University introduced the national sleep health status in 2022 at the conference. He analyzed the relationship between sleep and disease risk from clinical manifestations, and shared intervention strategies for insomnia, including psychotherapy, drug therapy, physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, etc. Among them, he mentioned the improvement effect of Reishi sporoderm-broken spore powder on sleep.


Professor Huang Zhili of Fudan University delivered a keynote report.

In the afternoon of the same day, experts from more than ten research institutions including Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Military Medical Research Institute of the Academy of Military Sciences, Fujian Medical University, Shanxi University, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Harbin Medical University, Jilin University, etc., each made special reports including “Thoughts on Several Major Issues in the Modernization Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “Basic Research on the Effective Anti-tumor Components of Ganoderma Lucidum”, “The Tonic Effects of Epimedium”, etc. The conference was full of high-energy output and the venue was full of valuable information!

As the organizer of this conference, Chairman Li Ye of GanoHerb Group said in an interview that Reishi is a representative of tonic medicine. This conference focuses on the “tonic medicine” category, hoping to use this platform to gather wisdom in the field, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the traditional Chinese medicine tonic market, and allow organic Reishi from China to reach the world faster and better. 


Post time: Dec-26-2023

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