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Because poor-quality spore powder can genuinely harm the liver and overall health… Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, with its multifaceted benefits for the body, including immune enhancement and sleep improvement, has garnered a large following. However, some friends still end up purchasing unreliable spore powder, especially the inexpensive "three-no" products, i.e. their labels had no information about what they were made of, no manufacturers’ names, and no addresses or contact information. For some, it provides only a false sense of comfort, while for others, it may even lead to hepatitis…

1.Why does poor-quality spore powder end up harming the body and liver instead?

To understand this, we need to start with the classification of Ganoderma. Ganoderma, being a fungus, cannot perform photosynthesis. It relies on decomposing decaying plants for robust growth, fully absorbing mineral nutrients and trace elements from the soil, air, and water sources. Consequently, it is particularly dependent on the surrounding environment’s level of "excellence"。

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In the natural environment, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium are commonly present. If environmental pollution is severe, Ganoderma lucidum can absorb an excessive amount of heavy metals, leading to an exceedance of heavy metal content. Prolonged consumption of such untested Reishi products with elevated heavy metal levels poses a serious toxic threat to the digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, and even the blood system. It can be said that there is no benefit whatsoever, and it is better not to consume them.

2.During the production and processing of spore powder, heavy metal contamination can occur.

Additionally, in the spore powder production process—such as during manufacturing techniques, equipment handling, and packaging materials—these pollutants may lead to an excess of heavy metals in Ganoderma lucidum spore powder. At this point, the choice of sporoderm-breaking method becomes crucial. Comparatively, GanoHerb employs a rolling-type low-temperature physical sporoderm-breaking technology, achieving a sporoderm-broken rate exceeding 99%. Importantly, this process preserves the bioactive components of the original spore powder, significantly enhancing the absorption and utilization of these components by the body. Furthermore, such a sporoderm-breaking process is free from contamination and residue, making it a safer option for consumption.

3.How to choose reliable Ganoderma lucidum spore powder? Here are several tips for you.

Firstly, check whether it has a blue hat sign or a drug batch number. The initial step is to verify whether it is a legally authorized product under "national approval." Secondly, opt for legitimate products that have either a "Drug Production License Number" or the "blue hat" sign.

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Secondly, check whether it is organic. The key to effective Reishi consumption lies in long-term, high-dosage intake. Therefore, having a genuinely organic product is particularly crucial. Obtaining organic certification imposes stringent environmental requirements. If a product can simultaneously acquire organic certifications from various countries and meet their export standards, it significantly enhances the product’s quality.

Thirdly, choose a reputable major brand. Prioritize brands that have their own research and development centers, laboratories, Reishi cultivation bases, and factories. Check whether the manufacturer allows public visits to their cultivation bases and factories to gain some insights.

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In the Wuyi Mountains, GanoHerb has its own Reishi plantation base.

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Finally, although Ganoderma lucidum spore powder is good, it must be carefully chosen. Without careful selection, there is no way to ensure that you are eating safe and pure spore powder.

Post time: Mar-22-2024

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