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Today, research on the anti-aging effects of Reishi Mushroom is becoming increasingly widespread. Pharmacological studies have confirmed that spore powder can delay skin aging, and spore oil can improve skin elasticity, providing new possibilities for the application of Reishi mushroom in the field of anti-aging.

At the 13th Academic Symposium of the Pharmacology Committee of Tonic Drugs of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, Professor Lin Zhibin from Peking University Health Science Center gave a thematic sharing on the “Anti-aging Effects of Reishi Mushroom”, answering how Reishi mushroom contributes to longevity and maintaining a youthful body.

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Professor Lin Zhibin from Peking University Health Science Center presents a thematic sharing on the anti-aging effects of Reishi Mushroom.

1. Reishi’s Anti-Aging Effects Involve Multiple Factors

Many people believe that aging begins with the hair, skeleton, skin, and other organs, but this is just a perceptual feeling. The intrinsic cause of aging starts from the cell. The main signs of aging include telomere loss, DNA damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, and stem cell exhaustion, which together cause organ function impairment and aging. Reishi’s anti-aging effects are the result of the combined action of multiple factors 

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Firstly, Reishi Mushroom can delay the decline of immune function caused by aging.

The decline of immune function is the earliest and most obvious characteristic of aging. In the immune organs, the thymus begins to degenerate progressively from adolescence. The function of T lymphocytes controlled by the thymus and their ability to produce cytokines decrease with age, which is the main reason for the decline of immune function in the elderly. Research has shown that the decline of immune function caused by aging can be delayed and partially restored.

Pharmacological experiments have proven that Reishi mushroom can significantly reverse the decline of humoral immune function and cellular immune function caused by aging.

Secondly, Reishi‘s anti-aging effects are related to its antioxidant properties and ability to scavenge free radicals.

Pharmacological research has proven that Reishi mushroom has a significant protective effect against lipid peroxidation damage to important organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and brain caused by various inducers. It can significantly reduce the content of lipid peroxidation products including malondialdehyde and lipofuscin, and enhance the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase.

Reishi polysaccharides can also reduce the production of MDA in normal keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are the main cells of the skin epidermis, and the aging of these cells is closely related to skin aging. Therefore, this research result suggests that Reishi may delay skin aging. [The above is excerpted from P89-P93 of “Lingzhi From Mystery to Science” by Lin Zhibin.]

At this pharmacology conference, Professor Lin Zhibin confirmed through a series of pharmacological research data that Reishi and its active ingredients can repair immune dysfunction, resist oxidative stress damage, protect important organ tissues such as the heart, brain, liver, kidney, and skin, regulate aging-related genes, and delay the aging process.

2. Further clinical trials have confirmed that regular consumption of Reishi Mushroom contributes to healthy and graceful aging.

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In addition to pharmacological research, a large number of geriatric clinical trials have also proven that Reishi Mushroom preparations can reverse the decline in immune function in the elderly, correct endocrine disorders during menopause, and assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, among other benefits.

These modern research results all interpret the description in the “Shennong Herbal Classic” about Reishi mushroom’s ability to contribute to longevity and maintaining a youthful body.

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Wu Tingyao, a Taiwanese writer who has been reporting on Reishi research for more than 20 years, shared a case in her book “Healing with Ganoderma”, “A 90-year-old lady told me that the reason she still has sharp hearing and vision, and her originally white hair has grown black again, is all due to eating Reishi for many years. Several elderly men around her who have been eating Reishi for many years are clearly in their sixties and seventies, but their skin is so good that young women are jealous, and their hands and feet are so flexible that even young men sigh in admiration.” It can be said that aging is irreversible, but Reishi mushroom can make us age more gracefully and healthily! [Excerpt from P213-P214 of “Healing with Ganoderma” by Wu Tingyao]



In this era where it is easy to live a long life, striving to maintain “youthfulness” for a longer period is not just a personal pursuit, but also a family responsibility. Because only when we are content and joyful, can our children have the capital for happiness and joy.

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