Chaga mushroom Powder

Chaga, known as Inonotus obliquus, is a medicinal fungus that grows on white birch trees. It mainly grows in the northern hemisphere at 40°~50°N latitude, namely, Siberia, Far East, Northern Europe, Hokkaido, North Korea, Heilongjiang in northern China, Changbai Mountain in Jilin, etc.

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    Chaga mushroom Powder 


    Chaga mushroom  powder is also know world wide as "the king of herbs". As a traditional medicine chaga mushroom is used for a wide variety of ailments.

    Inonotus (Inonotus obliquus) showing tumor-like sclerotia (sterility lumps), the appearance of black and gray, with irregular grooves, inside yellow, sessile, diameter 25-40cm, dark colored, surfaceparted , very hard, brittle when dry, fertile part of the thick 5mm, crusty thin, dark brown; bacteria tube 3-10mm, brittle, usually the front end of the tube cracking bacteria,Round, pale white, dark brown after the change.


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    Quick Reviews: 

    Type: Mushroom Powder
    Form: Powder 
    Used part: Fruit Body
    Extraction Type: Milling
    Packaging: DRUM,  Aluminum Foil Bag
    Place of Origin: Fujian 
    Grade: Food And Pharmaceutical Grade
    Brand Name: GanoHerb
    Botanical Source: Phaeoporus obliquus
    Apperance: Brown Fine Powder
    Odor:  Charcteristic
    Specification:  100 Mesh brown fine powder
    Storge: Store In Cool And Dry Place
    Shelf Life: 2 Years


    Specification Sheet:

    Item Specification
    Appearance Brown yellow fine powder 
    Oder Characteristic
    Taste Characteristic
    Particle size Pass 100mesh
    Polysaccharide ≥3%
    Total plate count ≤10000
    Coliform,MPN/g ≤0.92
    Mold and Yeast ,CFU/g    ≤50
    Staph aureus  Must not be found
    Salmonella etc Must not be found


    The Benefits of Chaga Powder


    Support body's immune function


    Delaying senescence


    Adjust blood pressure

    The application of Chaga mushroom Powder


    For food supplement

    Variety of colorful smoothies and juices beverages in bottles with various fresh organic fruits and berries ingredients on white wooden background, top view. Healthy food concept

    For beverage industry

    maitake powder

    For pharmaceutical field

    Discover the magic mushroom

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