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Pucheng Centenarians, The Witnesses To The Miracles Of Ganoderma Lucidum Jul 18, 2018

At the party of the 2018 Ganoderma Cultural Festival at the Pucheng County Stadium on the evening of July 9th, the most touching program should be a video which recorded several Pucheng centenarians' daily life. These centenarians said to the camera in a loud voice,"My name is Ji Wenju, 101 years old this year", "My name is Ying Gaosun. I am 101 years old too"," My name is Ye Xiangyu. I am 101 years old", "My name is Ye Shuqin. I am 101 years old"...

Health and longevity, living a happy and free life, and doing as one wishes, isn’t the greatest hope for the elders in the family?

These centenarians' personal witness to "the long-term intake of Ganoderma lucidum is good to nourish Qi and to promote longevity" may be the most important value that the 2018 Ganoderma lucidum cultural festival wanted to manifest-- to support parents with Reishi Mushroom and to safeguard the health of all human beings with Ganoderma Lucidum because the bitter and non-toxic Ganoderma Lucidum can not only "treat the existing disease" but also " be good for preventive treatment of  disease."