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Chung Yeung Festival: Mountain Climbing Oct 16, 2018

On the early morning of mid-October when the weather just turned cold,  Drum Mountain in Fuzhou was very lively for a group of people in orange are beating and smiling in the misty mountains.

On October 14th, GANOHERB held the 29th-anniversary celebration of the enterprise, which coincided with the eve of Double Ninth festival, so GANOHERB organized this unique mountaineering activity.

The weather was gloomy with light rain on the day, but it did not affect everyone’s passion. Because it was a game of teamwork and struggling, the climbers were divided into seven groups and each group must work together to complete the mountaineering, answering, photo-taking and small games in order to win the "big prize." GANOHERB people gathered at the foot of the mountain on time. After the referee read the rules of the competition, the teams were dispatched in batches under the unified leadership of GANOHERB General Manager Zhang Hua. Everyone was gearing up, and they were determined to go to the top of the mountain!


                                  Before the departure, each group was eager to have a try.

During the climbing process, the team leader waved the flag and shouted forward, followed by the team members. As the altitude ascended, many people were already panting and sweating. Some people had to stop because of exhaustion, but the other team members did not “drop” them. Instead, they stopped together to help and encourage those falling behind. When all the members recovered, they continued to climb together.


                                       The leader waved the flag and headed the team

Everyone successfully reached the top of the mountain within the specified time, but the game was not over. Everyone continued the follow-up games such as "Using chopsticks to clamp small marbles", " Guess the connotation of the gestures" and other "creative photography". It required the efficient teamwork to achieve a high score.


                                                  Take a photo of "successful reaching of the peak"

Finally, Li Xiaoyu, Vice President of GANOHERB, awarded the reward to the team with better performance and said, "The success of a team is not the fastest person to run, but the unified pace of the entire team. It is very happy to see that, during the mountaineering process, everyone can help and encourage each other. This team spirit of collaboration and struggling for success is the secret of today's winning team and the internal factor of our company's rapid development. We must continue to carry on."

Since 2008, GANOHERB has held annual mountaineering activities every year. While advocating outdoor activities and healthy life, it also conveys the corporate spirit of unity, dedication, and struggling. Over the past twenty-nine years, GANOHERB people have stayed true to the mission and actively gathered the internal strength of the enterprise and the external social force. The company will continue to provide the society with better Reishi products and services.


                                                  Group discussion contest "strategy"




                                                              Happy mountaineering trip


                               Semi-mountain Ganoderma lucidum question and answer session


                                    All members successfully climbed to the top and smiled